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Memoirs From Skinny Girl In Transit (Cheating and Forgiveness In a Relationship)

This season of Skinny Girl in Transit (SGIT) has got many of us feeling some type of way especially as they say, ‘all that starts well, ends well’. Hmmmm…. Tiwa and Mide showed us the real meaning of true love. As in ehn, it kept me on my feet every step of the way, messed with my emotions, caused my keens to grow weak and finally gave me butterflies in my tummy. If you haven’t caught up with this series, I can tell you for free,”You my friend is missing”. You better catch up with the season since it is on YouTube and hasn’t been taken down by Ndani TV. So, just hurry and enjoy the show HERE before you come back to read the rest of my epistle.

As I watched the episodes that followed after Tiwa told Mide that she slept with Fabrice and how they even met for dinner and he kissed her, I was sad. Abimbola Craig and Ayoola played the part so well that they drew me into their emotions. Infact, it got me wondering if we are in for another Banky and Adesua experience. I mean taking the movies to reality. Chai! I saw the two of them literally have their hearts shredded especially Mide.

See ehn, it seems really normal for a girl to be all emotional and tear up but I love the fact that the writers of this series let us into the secret place of a man and how he also deals with heart breaks. Yes, men too cry and they sure do get wounded terribly when these things happen. They feel hurt and sometimes lapse into habits like drinking. Mide did and we all saw how bros couldn’t get a grip of himself. Infact, only God knows what else he could have done to himself as sleep was clearly eluding him and he was allowing his heart to wallow in bitterness.

Tiwa nkor? Madam could barely eat. Resigned from her job even though I was about to ask her if she is alright…. Lol! But then I remembered how I also shut myself in for days when I had a huge fallout with my partner. Working was difficult though I tried. So, there was no way she could have been going to work, depressed and still be able to give it her best. Look, these matters of the heart sure affects people’s mental health o which is why I wonder how people stay in abusive relationships or how people consider it a game to play with the feelings of others.

This brings me to the issue of forgiveness in a relationship especially when cheating is involved. It is not easy at all. It is definitely heart wrenching. I have legit seen people lose their minds after this and best believe, there is no going back for them. However, with love, there is no one rule for all. It all depends on the people in the relationship and the people around them. My dear, if you have people who advise you wrongly or who secretly envy you and wish that the relationship dies, lobatan (it has finished). They will give you advise that will cause you to end that which should make you happy and gradually, they will slip into your life and become worse than what you previously had. For me, I rather that both couples resolve their problems without the interference of third parties except where necessary.

Tiwa didn’t cheat if you ask me but she omitted an information and went on to lie just to cover up her past. Was she right? Maybe not. Even I cannot completely say that full disclosure is necessary in a relationship. I would rather we put it up for discussion. So, let me read your thoughts below. However, accepting the gifts and then going to have dinner, that my dear is the deal breaker cos that kiss happened only because she went to see him. Many of us stay close friends with our exes and how we consider that to be okay is also another thing that I would like to get your opinion on. Do the feelings really get buried and never show up? For me keeping you in the past where you belong is it for me o.

The highlight for me is the way it all ended. Having a friend like Bisola is important to get you to move. Putting pride aside and risk it all. Saying I am sorry and meaning it is also another huge deal. Now, being willing to accept the apology that you get is another strength that is rare. Wow! Mide forgave and went on to propose. I am so excited to be reminded that true love does exist and is real. While you may not understand it, the couple does and the best that you can do is be happy for them and pray for them.

Notwithstanding, I am not co-signing stupidity o. When he or she makes it a habit to cheat on you and feel like it is okay, you have got to be wise. You see why I say this issue is quite dicey. There is no one size fits all but hey, share your thoughts and let’s keep the conversation going.


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