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Mercedes-Benz World PR Beauty Business Week- Recap of Day 1

The inaugural edition of Mercedes-Benz World PR Beauty Business Week has kicked off today, the 17th of May, 2017. Oma Ehiri in Veba

The event featured a number of exhibitors who had their products on sale. Some of the exhibitors were not just selling their products but also gave participants the opportunity to experience the products.

I did spend some time at Geomology stand with Nessa of Genevieve Magazine where we got the opportunity to learn more about cleansers, toners and other products that make up the skincare routine. By this time tomorrow, we should be bringing you some specifics on that.Geomology

The peak of the Beauty Business Week were the master classes. There were 3 of them today;

The Science of Dermatology by Tega of Mobile Spa, Tokunbo Chiedu of Geomology and Dr. Vivian Oputa of Derma Care:Tega, Tokunbo Chiedu, Drr. Vivian Oputa and Kaylah Oniwo

Dr. Vivian spoke on different types of skin and what they mean. We do have a hort clip on that which we will publish on Instagram. Tokunbo Chiedu spoke on the reason for bring Geomology to Nigeria and how she started Serah’s beauty. Most of what they talked about were discussed at the Luxury Beauty Brunch. If you missed that event, click HERE and we still have videos on the Instagram page.

E-commerce and Online shopping:Mercedes-Benz World PR Beauty Business Week

The speaker pretty much emphasised on secure online payments and how only 10% of card owners have trusted the system enough to register their cards online.

The Business of Fitness and Beauty by Dr. Bruce of Oasis Med Spa, Maje Ayida of Eden Life and Leslie Okoye of Cookies Skin:Oasis Med Spa, Maje Ayida, Leslie Okoye, Kaulah Oniwo

This was my best session as we had the panelists did let us in on some life changing facts as well as tips on how to succeed in not just the business of beauty but in whatever it is that we set our mind to. Maje started by letting us into what he does as a fitness trainer and how he got here. Leslie took over defining beauty as confidence. For more on that speech, add us on Instagram. Dr. Bruce continued from where she stopped and went on to express his displeasure on how many, even the educated, have chosen to take the route of bleaching their skin tone which he considers stupid. He did say that he would rather that we had glowing and healthy skin as opposed to trying to get our skin light that we end up using harmful substances which cause damage to the skin.

Speaking on regulations, it was quite interesting to learn that there is a guild of certified fitness trainers in Nigeria, to ensure that the end users are dealing with people who are certified and not causing us to have injuries while we try to get fit. There is also an institute for those who wish to learn and get certified such that you can make a career out of it. If you will like to know more about that, feel free to send @majeayida a DM on Instagram.

I guess what made the session more interesting is the rave on fitfam. As soon as Leslie Okoye mentioned that you can get back in shape after giving birth in 6weeks and revealed that she had 2kids already, it caught everyone’s attention. She spoke of how a doctor had told her that she could get hypertensive by 30 and that got her to research to ensure that she had a healthy body.

Dr. Bruce spoke on eating healthy and Leslie Okoye emphasised eating in portions and what eating in portions means. She did reveal that she eats about everything cos she loves food but she eats in portions and she explained what portions meant. All of which will be published on our Instagram page.

Just a little tip out of all of this is the fact that if you will like to work with Oasis Med Spa, you should develop the habit of being up before 6am and make sure to mention that to Dr. Bruce when you do go in for ann interview. That is the key to increasing your possibility of working with the company as revealed by the man himself *smiles*.

All of these sessions were moderated by Kaylah Oniwo after which she gave out 3 goody bags courtesy of Design Essentials.

Catch me tomorrow at the event and get your picture taken with the coolest device on the planet now, Samsung Galaxy S8. Just incase you missed the announcement earlier today, I am taking over the official page for the week (@beautybusinessweek) which means that you could get featured on that page.

You can still register for the sessions tomorrow. Kindly click HERE and you get free access to all the classes. Mercdes-Benz World PR Beauty Business WeekHowever, shopping is open to all!

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Shirt is an old buy from Yaba Market.
All images were shot using Samsung Galaxy S8.Oma Ehiri

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