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How Your Environment Influences Your Money Habit

A personal account of how my work environment influenced my money habit and improved my personal finance.

‘Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are’ can be true when it comes to your money habit. This, I have also found to be true when it comes to your work environment. I guess it is safe to say, the people you allow into your space and interact with can affect your money habit.

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When I started work in the finance company, I used to commute to and fro via e-cabs. Owing to the distance between where I reside and my office, the fares are usually high. If there is traffic or a surge in prices, it means that I get to spend more. My salary could very well cover this but it was not a wise financial undertaking for anyone trying to work on their personal finance. However, I convinced myself that the comfort I got commuting was sufficient until my colleague presented me with an alternative option.

Money habit:

  • Finding alternative means of commuting from work
  • Engaging in inspiring money conversations

Few weeks after I resumed, a colleague who stays in my neighbourhood mentioned how she commutes to and from work daily. She was rather concerned at how much I was spending and tried to dispel my concerns about using her means of commuting. It was definitely a lot cheaper and meant that I will be having more left from my income.

Putting my mental health into consideration, I decided to continue commuting to work via e-cabs but, opted for her means after the close of business each day. My company equally provided me with a company laptop which meant that I didn’t have to take my personal laptop to work daily.

Furthermore, the ladies in the client support department constantly talked about how they were trying to level up financially. They talked about group savings, investments and even their personal businesses. These conversations constantly had me thinking without even realising it. I remember one of them mentioning how much she is able to save in some months. I started thinking of being intentional about saving. It was no longer enough to just earn and pick my bills.

Negative financial influences

There may be times when you find yourself in an environment that doesn’t influence your money habit positively. This is where financial wisdom and willpower comes in handy. In such situations, you need to be the standard and be the influence. You don’t want to be broke by the middle of the month, asking for help (if you can avoid it). I added that clause because there are people who are genuinely trying to do better with their finances. Unfortunately are overburdened by responsibilities that are real needs.

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