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Motivational Quotes by One of Nigeria’s female Publisher, Tewa Onasanya

Tewa Onasanya is the publisher and editor-in-chief of Exquisite Magazine. Born on the 3rd of October 1978, Tewa is the first of 7 children. She started publishing while in the UK before moving back to Nigeria to give the brand a more indigenous feel. Since she got back the company has successfully held 8 editions of Exquisite Ladies Of the Year (ELOY) awards, an award ceremony that celebrates women in varying fields. She also started Exquisite Magazine Annual Cancer (EMAC), a cancer awareness initiative focused on cervical awareness. On Instagram, Tewa is known to share motivational quotes on her page. Some of which include;

“Every word you speak is confirming what you believe. Speak only of what you want”

This quote is in line with the Bible passage that says out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaketh. For Tewa, if she doesn’t want an outcome, she tries not to speak about it. She is very intentional with her thoughts and her spoken words.

“Everyday, feed your passion by raising your performance level”

Tewa reminds us that to change anything significantly, you cannot keep doing the same thing. There is the need to raise your performance level and be consistent with it.

“Stop procrastinating, get to work on your dream. In 2days time, tomorrow will be yesterday or it may never come”.

Last month, we published a story on fighting procrastination because like Tewa, we realize that time waits for no one. The actions that you take today will determine how good tomorrow looks or if it will be better.

“Let’s lift another up. Everyone is fighting a battle”.

Sometimes we say judge people without exactly knowing what they are going through and every opportunity we get to uplift another, we castigate or neglect assuming that the person can do it all by themselves. Tewa brings to our attention that the battles may not be physical. It could be mental. Let us make use of the value which God has placed inside of us and lift someone up.

“Challenges are beautiful opportunities in disguise. Trust the process, learn the lesson to be better”.

It is difficult to see the good in challenges but we need to train our minds to see the bigger picture. Get the lessons from the challenge, apply it and make the next phase of your life a better one. Regret nothing but keep building till you attain the success you desire.

If you need to get more motivational quotes by Tewa Onasanya, follow the hashtag #emotivatebyTewa on Instagram.

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