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My Style- The Colours Of Christmas (Shots Taken With The Samsung Galaxy A5)

I really can’t say I am an authority on fashion and style but I definitely do have a style. I love to dress down a lot, stay comfortable and still look pretty. For me, it is not so much of what the society thinks as to how I feel. Therefore, if you like less sophistication yet good looking without necessarily jeopardizing your comfort, then click the next 2 words

When I think of Christmas, I think of Santa in red, the green  tree and the bulbs that drape down the tree in gold. Red, green and gold are the most prominent colours of Christmas. This is what inspired my style on carol Sunday as I opted for a butterfly gown with a flat slippers to compliment the look. My accessories were very minimal as the outfit was already too busy to let any additional jewelry cluster the look.

All  images were taken using the Samsung Galaxy A5 and published raw. That is, the pictures have not been edited but reflect the different light conditions in which the picture was taken. The last picture is a product of the front camera. The phone is due to be in the stores by the new year. 
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