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My Tea Story| How It All Began with Ahmad Mint Mystique

Discovering the world of tea, why I love the Mint Mystique and my recent collection of home grown herbal tea blends.

If you follow me on Instagram, then you already know it’s not just about Ahmad Mint Mystique. ‘Oma loves her tea’!

I cannot quite recollect when my love for tea began. I know that back in Secondary School, I opted for Ovaltine when others went for Milo. I also liked Lipton at the time or should I say, that was the only black tea bag that I had access to.

Introducing Ahmad Mint Mystique (flavoured green tea with mint leaves)

A few years later, I stumbled on Ahmad Mint Mystique. I cannot explain how my taste bud absorbed that blend so easily. I guess when you see results with a product, every other thing is probably inconsequential. I must have discovered the tea at a time when I was doing my research about green teas and then, I also was loving the idea of mint because I must have read or heard somewhere that mint helps to curb hunger. Then, the price point. I used to get for less than N600 at Shoprite supermarket in Ikeja City Mall.

Shoprite was my plug for a very long time. Though, the blend always went out of stock so fast. People must have discovered this treasure and copping it in bulk. Thankfully, I found it in Spar and when Shoprite eventually stopped to carry it, Spar became the new spot. In October 2019 when I got back from my usual Europe Vacation, I couldn’t find the tea anymore. However, owing to what the tea does for my body, I wasn’t ready to give up easily.

Why I really Love Ahmad Mint Mystique

Ahmad Mint Mystique is the only tea blend that aids my bowel activities instantaneously. Now, I guess some of my other tea blends may very well be helping with detoxification in other ways. However, none like Mint Mystique. I could gulp a cup right now and have result in 15minutes max. It also helps me to feel lighter and, if I need to feel energetic in carrying on with my duties, it also helped. Well, tea generally warms me up. So, I won’t be giving Mint Mystique all that credit. If you missed my June 2020 haul video, I mentioned my new plug for the Mint Mystique.

My Tea Collection

Well, this isn’t just about the Ahmad Mint Mystique but rather, my recent tea collection. However, I thought to let you into the beginning of my tea journey may very well help you to appreciate why I have come to love tea and hopefully, you get to further appreciate the YouTube video on My Tea Collection.

In the video, I shared with you, what tea blends I currently have, what I am looking to give away and my most recent additions. I also tried to touch on why I chose some of the blends and my recent discovery of homegrown herbal tea brands in Nigeria. I hope that you enjoy this video:

Tea blends, flavours and Price Tag

  1. Ahmad Mint Mystique N650
  2. Ahmad Mango Magic N650
  3. Ahmad Classic Black tea
  4. Twinnings Green tea with lemon and ginger
  5. Ginger Drink
  6. Chinese teas
  7. English Teashop Strawberry tea
  8. London Fruit and Herb Raspberry tea
  9. Starbucks Cafe Mocha premium instant
  10. Nestle Milo
  11. Sari Day Starter (Black tea, clove and ginger)- N1,800
  12. The Tea Orb Blood Powder- N3,000
  13. The Tea Orb Anti Malaria Powder- N3,000 for 100grams in loose form
  14. Gaia Farms Malaria tea N2,700
  15. Gaia Farms Lady Godiva N2,700
  16. Gaia Farms Festive Hibiscus N2,700
  17. Gaia Farms coldtea N12,500
  18. Gaia Farms liver detox tea N2,700
  19. Gaia Farms Cough and Cattarh N2,700
  20. Gaia Farms Greenlife N2,750
  21. Gaia Farms Spicy Ginger and Honey N2,500
  22. Gaia Farms Chia with Cocoa N2,450

You can get all Gaia Farms product from their website or on their Instagram page. 

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