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N so SOCIOTECTONIC is born………..

Sociotectonic was born out of an inspiration from a friend, Seyi .

I was coming back from the launch of an event and whilst chatting with Seyi, I said to him, I love what I do. And he said to me;  have you considered blogging about these events”? I almost threw it out of the window but then, I realised that it would be a perfect opportunity to inspire other people who love to do social work as well as a platform to give voice to social workers.

The essence of the blog is to educate people on the essence of social work and the need to do something in their own little way to improve the society in which they live in. it is not enough to condemn the society but we all need to do something in whatever way we can.  

Different events will be featured here and stories told. Individuals can then get an idea on how to go about some of these events and governments can try to replicate these events in their communities. The idea is basically to form a synergy. One in which any one could view the events done by someone and choose to partner with that person to recreate the event in another location. Not everyone has an idea, not everyone has the resources but we all have something to offer in one way or the other.

I hope you get inspired following the activities on this blog as I look forward to hearing from y’all soon on the social works you are doing and how I can be a part of what you are doing to transform the lives of individuals.

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