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It’s June and it’s officially raining weddings! (See what I did there? Hehe) Most naturalistas struggle with the decision to embrace their hair or rock a slick, straight weave and I can’t say I blame them, your wedding hair is a huge decision. Well never fear ladies, we’ve got some hairspiration to help you today. And you don’t have to have natural hair (or even be a bride-to-be for that matter) to try out any of these hairstyles. With Nazuri Curls extensions you have the versatility to play around with textures, volumes and lengths that are completely different to your own hair.

Our best-selling Afro texture is the most similar hair texture to type 4b/4c natural hair. It is a low lustre, coarse texture, perfect for the bride that dares to be unapologetically wild for her Big Day.

Afro Half Updo

Achieve with 12″ and 14″ Afro clip-ins or U-Part Custom Wig (Photo Credit: Cheri Pearl Photography)Afro Half Updo

Afro Short Puff

Achieve with 1 x 10″ Afro clip-ins centred at the crown of your head. Leave your own hair out around the perimeter (Photo Credit: Munaluchi Bride)Afro Short Puff

Short Afro

Achieve with Afro 2 x 12″ Custom Full Wig with Fringe. For this definition, wet the hair and use a styling gel to clump the curls together. (Photo Credit- Munaluchi Bride)Short Afro

Afro Asymmetric Updo

Achieve with 2 x 14″ Afro clip-ins. Leave your own hair around the perimeter of the clips and secure with bobby pins to frame your face. (Photo Credit: The Right Hair Styles)Afro Asymmetric Updo
This medium-lustre, softer hair texture is the perfect choice for Type 3c/4a natural hair and transitioning hair. Its slightly looser texture makes this hair type easier to manipulate and take care of when compared to the Afro.

Kinky, Wild & Free

Achieve with 1 x 18″, 1 x 20″ and 1 x 22″ Kinky Custom Wig. Leave your own hair out around the perimeter and brush the curls out gently for a less defined, messy look (Photo Credit: Pinterest)Kinky, Wild & Free

Kinky Fro with Cornrows

Achieve with 1 x 10″ Kinky clip-ins. Cornrow the front of your hair and add in the clips for added volume. (Photo Credit: Essence)Kinky Fro with Cornrows

Kinky Half Pony

Achieve with 2 x 18″ bundles installed at the lower half of your head. Slick the top of your hair down with gel to blend. (Photo Credit: The Style News Network)
This medium lustre, loosely curled texture is perfect for accomplishing a whimsical and romantic look for your wedding and blends best with relaxed and straightened hair.

Free Curls

Achieve with a 1 x 18″ centre-part closure, 1 x 18″ and 2 x 20″ Custom Wig (Photo Credit: Feedly)Kinky Half Pony

Half Updo

Achieve with a 1 x 18″ centre-part closure, 1 x 18″ and 1 x 20″ Custom Wig (Photo Credit: Naturally Curly)Half Updo

Curly Side Ponytail

Achieve with a 1 x 18″ centre-part closure, 1 x 18″ and 2 x 20″ Custom Wig (Photo Credit: Pinterest)Curly Side Ponytail

Our Straight extensions mimic straightened or blow-dried natural hair and is the perfect choice for ladies that want a sleeker look without compromising on texture.

Straight Waves

Achieve with a Straight U-part Custom Wig from 2 x 20″. Style with a chunky twist-out or bendy rollers (Photo Credit: Bella Naija)Straight Waves

Straight Twisted Updo

Achieve with 2 x 16″ Straight Clip Ins inserted in desired locations for volume and length. (Photo Credit: Essence)Straight Twisted Updo


Achieve with 2 x 20″ Straight clip-ins centred on the crown of your head or U-Part Custom Wig and style (Photo Credit: Bella Naija/Creme De La Bride)Beehive

Straight Updo

Achieve with 2 x 18″ Straight clip-ins centred on the crown of your head and style (Photo Credit: Bella Naija/Creme De La Bride)Straight Updo[hr gap=”1″]

This content is provided by Ifeyinwa Ojekwe for Nazuri Curls. Nazuri Curls was launched in 2013 with one vision to bring beautifully-textured premium quality, virgin human hair extensions, clip-ins and wigs to ladies who want to embrace their hair texture whether that’s natural, transitioning or relaxed. Our hair extensions are made from the finest quality premium virgin hair that has been steam processed to achieve curls that blend seamlessly with Afro and curly textured hair. We are a UK based company but we ship internationally and also have an official distributorship in Nigeria. Please visit for more details.

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