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New Month, New Project

We are almost half way through as we begin a new month- the 6th month of the year. Is anyone else as excited as we are? So much has happened already that I can only but imagine how packed my 2018 round up will be. It all started with uncertainties yet full of expectations. Every day I wake up, I am everything that represents grateful. To God alone be all the glory.

This new month is about to be a special one for us with the birth of a new project. This project is a tiny part of a bigger dream of mine. I have always wanted to delve into it but fear of having has kept me from doing it. For me, it really is about helping emerging designers find a market. For that to happen, I require a level of influence, one that I am not so sure that I have. However, you know what they say about doing something you can’t stop thinking about? Well, that is the case with this project. Hence, my decision to start off in the little way that I can. It is you who will determine if it goes on to become that big dream that I have.

The project will be launched on Tailor’s Day which is the 4th of June. Then, it will contain all the details that you need to know. So, if you haven’t turned on your post notification for SoTectonic on Instagram or you are yet to join our mailing list, then you may not know when the information drops. So, turn on post notification and do sign up to our newsletter. Best believe, we do not have any need to spam your mail. If we do, feel free to unsubscribe but we hope you don’t *wink*.

There are a few other things to celebrate this month which we will gradually unfold as the dates draw near. We have a content packed month as well with the final bits of my wedding content which should feature an overview of the decorations and most of the guests. I should have a VLOG speaking on my experience with the vendors and just giving you a few tips on hiring your wedding vendors. We shoud also speak on the importance of hiring a wedding planner even when you have all the time in the world to plan you wedding. Away from the wedding content, we should have a phone unboxing video, a spa date VLOG featuring Beauty Concerns Med-Spa, hair review and styling tips, travel content featuring one of the largest museum in the world and so much more. You can’t afford to be sleeping on us because we are ready and pumped.


Before I sign out, let me wish some amazing friends of the brand a happy birthday as they celebrate today- Tuke Morgan, Demola Adetona and Jide Esan. Tobi Bakre is also celebrating today. I am happy to give more shout outs on Instagram. So, let us know if your birthday is this month and we can do you a shout-out too.

Do enjoy the rest of the month and have a happy new month!

Oma Ehiri

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