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No Nation Has It All Perfect

No doubt, I had a fun filled time in the US but  I must say I missed home-my family, friends and real Nigerian home-made food. Being someone that never really stayed idle, a workaholic in other words, being lazy which ought to be relaxation, made me sick. When next I am coming into the States, I will have a lot properly planned out to keep me super busy all day with a better arrangement on means of transportation so that getting around is easy.

Having said that, today’s post does not try to justify the inefficiencies in the Nigerian system but tries to draw our attention to the fact that, other nations also make such errors and it doesn’t get blown out of proportion like we do here. Although, the Nigerian authority should note that they still have a lot of work to do. So they shouldn’t read this post and be like, ‘You see! Others also make mistakes’.

Just a few days back, I missed my earlier flight back to Nigeria and it was in no way my fault or was it? Whether it was or not, you be the judge.

I woke up early that day and had the cab come around in good time for me to be at the airport for my 7am flight. Since I had luggage, I had to be there earlier to check in my bags before proceeding to board. All that was done in good time and I hurried past the security gates and straight onto the boarding gate. all this was done and set for 7am except for the plane that was not ready.

45 minutes after we should have left,  the pilot addressed us saying that one of the wondows couldnt close and we couldn’t fly with an open window. After efforts were made but with no positive results, we had to move to another plane which was also not fit to fly.I am not sure what the problem was with the 2nd plane but all I knew is that technicians were pacing up and down the plane and water was dripping from different parts of the plane that passengers on board had to use tissue papers to wade the water from dripping on them.

Time for another plane? Oh, Yes! They couldn’t rectify whatever the problem was with the 2nd plane so, we had to board a 3rd plane. I was grateful to God that the 3rd was the last but even then, I had missed my flight back to Nigeria as this flight was only to connect me to New York. Well, I am back as my host was able to rebook my flight 2 days after.

Bottom line of this post, even the US has got its own problems. So, dear international media, take it easy in over rating the issues in Nigeria. A lot of people I met over there seem to think that the nation is completely in shambles but that is not the case. We do have problems but it isn’t as bad as the media makes it look. It can be handled. All we need is for our leaders to focus on carrying out their responsibilities for the good of all and not beiing self centered or, what do you think?

Till I come your way next week, be patriotic and stay inspired!


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