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October: The Breast Cancer Month

I am really excited about the changes that I have made on the blog and the new direction which I have decided to tow. Therefore, it is with great pleasure that I welcome you to a new month- the month of October.

It is only a few months away from the end of the year and it is only wise that you take a look at whatever mental or physical list that you made and see how well you are doing with it. If you want, make a check list and see if you have been able to achieve all that you said you would at the beginning of the year. If you haven’t, maybe you should start taking steps to achieving them. You need to read the last post on The Big Question.

I was speaking to a business partner the other day and I tried to push a project further than the date she had wanted it to go viral and she reminded me of the Nike advert that says, Just Do It! Although, I was trying to avoid the project from being cluttered but she was right. Rather than wait, I should just do whatever it is I have mapped out to do. The earlier I begin, the better the opportunities I can grab and start making progress.

As you must have noticed last week, I have taken the time to create categories on the blog (wanna know how I was able to achieve that, send me an email or make Google your friend). These categories is to enable you navigate easily to whatever interests you the most especially since I have now shortened the posts. So, if you have no interest in a particular post, you can just scan through and read more on the ones that is within your purview.

Home: When you click that page, you are sure to get all the posts that are available on this blog.
Rumour Has IT: All the juicy information that you need to stay up to date on the happenings around you are available in this category. Besides, I will now have daily news round up. 
Lifestyle: this features stories on beauty, hair, fashion and style. You also have all the inspiration and my regular Friday articles.
Events: Just send an email of every kind of event that you are doing that creates a buzz and hey, I will be more than happy to feature them on the blog. 
Reviews: Pending when I start my YouTube channel, you can check out as many reviews as are available in this category. Now, I will be having more and more giveaways as I can with every review that is done. You should follow by email so that you can be the first to know and also, promise to subscribe to my YouTube channel when it is ready. Still under reviews, if you know that you will like to get some of the samples that I receive and then be the one to use them and give me your honest opinion of the product to be used on the review page or even featured on my YouTube channel, kindly send me an email letting me know what kind of products you would like to try out and when I get them, I can send them across to you. That is another freebie for you.
Freebies and Promos: Self explanatory, right? So, if your brand has a promo going on, just let me know and I will put it up on the blog. Take advantage of this service while it freely exists. Also, I may not be able to put as many promos and freebies on my instagram page but I can get them all on the blog as many as I find. This is another reason for you to follow the blog by email and follow me on Google plus. 
Oma’s Store: I am allowed to make money, right? So, once in a while, I will have some products that are for sale and be certain that I will make them as affordable as possible. Sometimes, it will be a bid. AT the moment, I have this ceramic straighteners and tonger. It comes with a glove, a shampoo and conditioner. You can email me for the price or place a bid.

The blog is loaded o! The #bevisible campaign is still on and I am not so happy that you have not challenged me enough as it is so easy for me to pick a winner now. Kindly keep your comments coming in and be active. So much to go down as you can see below

This month is all about breast cancer so, don’t be surprised to see me do lots of pink things. I hope to feature a breast cancer survivor this month. So make the blog a part of your lifestyle.

For Nigerians, today is more than just another new month. It is our independence day!

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