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Olashore Introduces Online Podcast for Students Learning

Olashore International School has introduced online podcast for students preparing for IGCSE.

This new development was made known by the Principal of the School at the just concluded Speech and Prize Giving Day celebration in Ogun State. He said, “Currently we have lots of projects going on. This year we involved technology by introducing iPads for learning. We have that for the teachers and for students so that by 2016 they will be used to the system of working with the iPads. In the senior classes, we already introduced Online Podcast for students offering IGSCE subjects. It will help them to improve on international subjects. This applies to majorly Year 12 students. We will be running with Year 10 and 11 students by next session. The Podcast is used in variety of ways. For example, the podcast is online so whether they are in school or at home they can use it. We recommend the teachers to give them the playlist of podcast of various topics in various subject, so they can read up. It’s similar to the playlists that all these young people use. It can also be used in form of videos such that the teachers can use them for introduction of a topic in classrooms during lessons. They can’t use them during exams but they can use them for revisions before going in for exams”.

Olashore International School (OIS) is a private co-educational school committed to academic excellence, and nurturing children to their full potential in a safe and serene environment, developing leaders for the dynamic global society in the 21st century.

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