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Oma’s Closet: Green with Envy in Veba

Welcome to the 3rd edition of Veba Presents Styles from Oma’s Closet for the Lagos Fashion and Design Week, Day 3.

I was not going to post this serie but I just love the theme, Green with Envy. Do I really have to write so much on this outfit? I feel like it already  tells the story.

The dress was made by Yetty D for the Veba Fashion Show 2015 and she thought it would look good on me and I think she was right. It sure flattered my legs and the LFDW lightening seemed to want to reflect the green on my outfit making me look like those cartoon images from out of space.

The fabric is from Veba Textile Mills and can be purchased from 386 Muritala Mohammed Way, Yaba, Lagos-Nigeria. With all the discounts going on in town, this is the time for you to head over to the store and grab as many yards of the fabric that you want. Good thing is that the yardage is by 60 and not by 45, which means that with 2 yards, you can make yourself something gorgeous.

Trust and Believe that you will be seeing another feature of this dress sometime soon cos I don’t think I have done justice to it yet. So, watch out for it sometime next year…..

LFDW3 -6 LFDW3 -8 2015-11-27 08.56.50 2015-11-27-08-58-43-610

Watch out for the last edition of this series next week! It ended with a bang!

Photo Credit: Lex Ash (@thelexash on Instagram)

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