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Oma’s Closet: iShop MAJU

I have nurtured the idea of owning an item from MAJU for the longest time ever. But being one who thinks it through and through before I place an order, I had to create a need before I could satisfy this want. So, I decided that I needed a mustard color bag and just when I was going to shop from another brand, MAJU released their new collection.

There it was staring me hard in the face- The MAJU bag that I love so much because of its creativity in mustard color. I was going to place my order immediately but the brand manager told me there would be a shopping party. I cleared my schedule immediately, ready to get this dream bag and any other item that MAJU brings my way.

Now all of that story will come up in the MAJU shopping experience but now, it is all about what I wore to the event.Oma's closet

It was Sunday and I had to pick something that goes with church and I could still run off to MAJU in it, right after mass. So, I picked a black top on a print skirt with a black shoe to match and that bottle you see right there is one of my favourite- Paradiso by Roberto Cavalli. I hardly get earrings on but this loop looked just fine with my bun and since I couldn’t clearly decide between the neck piece by Lalique and the brooch by Bland2Glam, I brought both of them out but the loop earring helped me decide eventually.

So now, less words, more pictures.


She took some of the pictures


Photo shot by Anazia Richy

Oma Ehiri Oma Ehiri Oma Ehiri 20150906_144534

I am not done shopping MAJU as I await their update on their site which I am hoping happens pretty soon seeing that I am in a lot of trouble as my big sis didn’t get to shop *lol*

Thank you for reading!


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