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Oma’s Closet: Laid back in Veba for LFDW 2015 Day 1

Last month ended with a blast for the fashion industry as we all witnessed the 5th edition of the Lagos Fashion and Design Week (LFDW 2015). It was the talk of the town for a long time and this month, I am reliving the experience by sharing outfits from Oma’s closet made with fabrics from Veba Textile Mills and worn for the fashion week.

For some awkward reason, I was not in the dress up mode from Day1. All I wanted was to be in the most comfortable outfit possible and enjoy what the organisers and the designers had planned out for us. So, I went for a tank top and a full knee length skirt made with Mystic lines from the Veba Textile Mills collection. To emphasize the comfort that I desired, I went for plimsolls to complete the look and pinned my hair down with booby pins while tucking in all the ends.LFDW 1-1 LFDW 1-2 LFDW 1-3 LFDW 1-4 LFDW 1-5

You can purchase the fabric used in making the outfit from 386 Muritala Mohammed Way in Yaba and Lagos and contact for the details kelechi, the designer who put this together.

Day2 was a more edgy look. To view, stay tuned to on Monday for the next edition of ‘Veba Presents Styles from Oma’s Closet for LFDW 2015’

Photography by Lex Ash! (@thelexash on Instagram)


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