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Oma’s Closet: Sporty Monday With Zara

I am glad to be able to start my own column on the blog. I have been writing as a contributor on some of these issues but now, I get to flood the blog every week with something from my closet. This goes beyond clothes but extends to jewelry, shoes, hair, makeup and just about anything that I get to adorn my body with. In some cases, I may have to feature some looks that I got from someone’s closet. I am just going to be as real as possible and get the regular girls like me, an opportunity to be confident about their style……. So, stay tuned!

Today, it’s all about the Zara dress which I inherited from my big sister’s closet and trust me, this was not the only inheritance that I got *lol*. See pictures below:

20150601_145953 20150601_150008 20150601_150017 20150601_150051 20150601_150145



Dress: Zara

Shoes: Balogun Market

Neck piece: Lalique

Wrist watch: Rado

Hair: Apples and Oranges

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