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Oma’s Closet: Summer look

Earlier in the year, I joined the tw magazine fitness challenge which I must say, it was quite intense. Just after 6weeks of lots and lots of exercises including a detox program, we went out to take a shoot and I got the opportunity as the coordinator of that program to hang out at the spa with the ladies. I do miss the workout classes and must find a way to start hitting the gym again even if it’s just once in a week though, I still workout at home.

This is me just immediately after the fitness challenge and since SoTectonic is still in the summer and travel edition, I thought that this will be a great motivation for many who are still thinking about getting that body they want during the summer holidays. Besides, my gown also fits perfectly into a summer wear. All the details about my look, photography and outfit is stated after the pictures. For now, less words and more pictures….

2015-08-02-15-20-56-426 2015-08-02-15-24-10-600 2015-08-02-15-34-05-798 2015-08-02-15-35-29-939 2015-08-02-15-37-59-008CREDITS:

Makeup & Hair: Apples and Oranges

Photography: Ari Labadi studios


Dress: MRP

Shoes: Payless

Bag: Obelego

Watch: Rado


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