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Oma’s closet: Teal with glitters

Happy Monday friends. I hope you enjoyed the weekend which by the way continues for many of us today. Having a weekend extension is bliss but what is more fulfilling is being able to do something that makes a difference to your appearance when you resume at work and for me, I think a little pop of color to your nails will do the magic since we are thinking summer though the rains are here in Nigeria.

In selecting a nail color, you must consider what is most suitable for your skin tone. The manicurist always gives you the opportunity to have the color on some false nails which you can put close to your skin and be sure it works. Also, you need to consider what events you have around that time and the outfits that you are most likely to wear that period.

My first choice of summer nail color is teal with a splash of pink glitters on one of the nails on each hand. See picture below:

IMG_2456 2015-07-20 14.10.01 2015-07-20 14.11.33 IMG_2459
Visit the manicurist today and get some colors on. You can share them with me by tagging @sotectonic or just send it via email and we can publish them on the blog.

If you would like to use the lady that did mine, just send me an email and I can forward her contact to you and for a little less than N1500, you can achieve my nails. Note that her shop is in Ikeja in case you are considering if it will be convenient for you
Till I come your way again, teal with glitters *kisses*

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