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On The Journey to Financial Freedom

15 financial lessons I learnt in the past 15months

The journey to financial freedom begins with a step and for me, it began 15months ago. This was when I took up a job within the financial sector which entailed that I created content that could educate the brand’s audience. To do this, I had to do a lot of research which broadened my knowledge base on the financial industry, especially on investments.

As I discovered more, I sought to apply a few which has very well improved my personal finance journey. There are things that I no longer do and things that I now do. I am better informed on where to make my money work for me not just for the immediate but especially for the future.

Typically, people assume a lot when it comes to investments and building wealth while some play it safe for fear of being ridden of what they currently have. That is why I decided to share some of what I have learnt. Such that others too can begin to take gradual steps as they are armed with some of the basic information that could better improve their personal finances and ultimately help us to attain financial freedom. I also included lessons that will equally tackle some money mindsets that are probably hindering you from attaining financial freedom.

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In order to ensure that the lessons are easy for you to read and that I can include some personal experiences, we will be sharing these 15 financial lessons in a series of post throughout the month of June. We have a content calendar for this which is now available for you to view HERE.

If you have any financial concerns you will like me to touch on in the course of this series, please share them with me in the comment section. I have access to financial experts, economists and fund managers whom I can talk to about your concerns and get give you feedback.

What’s your financial goal for the rest of the year?


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