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Oriflame Nigeria Cosmetics Hosts Beauty Bloggers and Writers

We received an invite by Oriflame to attend a beauty event at their office in Ikeja. It was a very relaxing afternoon as bloggers got treated to cocktails and cannapes even as they got to experience the Oriflame products. Beauty bloggers and writers were well represented as we spotted Deola of Omogemura, Yemisi of Nsure beauty, BlackSatino among others. Our team lead represented us alongside one of our Instagram followers, Tofunmi, since we had earlier put word out that we were giving away a ticket to the event courtesy Oriflame.

We were give a brief lecture on what goes into the production of the product. One thing that makes it stand out is that, the products are purely natural and the aim is to provide consumers with healthy shin as against the popular lane of skin whitening which some products proffer.

We got quite a lot f goodies including the latest foundation shade of the brand. We will be giving away a few of the products to our subscribers and contributors who will be expected to do a review and it will be published on the blog. If you will like to receive any of this, just drop us your email address on the comment box and we will get back to you.

See pictures from the event:

2015-05-26 23.03.22

The Goody bags

2015-05-26 22.32.11

Content of the goody bag

2015-05-26 22.53.51

small chops

2015-05-26 23.05.34


2015-05-26 23.11.55

Oma of SoTectonic and Deola of Omegemura

2015-05-26 23.01.20

Tofunmi, an Instagram follower

2015-05-26 23.06.49


2015-05-26 23.08.29


2015-05-26 23.10.28

Oma, Black Sationo and Deola

2015-05-26 23.14.37

Oma, Deola and Black Satino

2015-05-26 23.21.07

Oma and Tofunmi

2015-05-26 23.24.31

Oma, Memunat and Yemisi

2015-05-26 23.19.02

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