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    Put It In A Poem

    Put It In A Poem is a 6-week online poetry writing workshop for new and aspiring poets The course will provide...

    Oma EhiriJanuary 20, 2015
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    Reflections: Could Fayose Be Wishing Buhari Death?

    What do you see? You can join the conversation on instagram, @oma263 but if you would rather speak here, let us...

    Oma EhiriJanuary 19, 2015
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    Fashion Innovation Series

    The Fashion Innovation Series is a networking event. It is being put together by Fashion ma peau, a fashion and lifestyle...

    Oma EhiriJanuary 17, 2015
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    The Morning Song

    Good morning dear friends. I am so sorry that I had to run off for a few days. I had the...

    Oma EhiriJanuary 16, 2015
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    Reflections: Fruits Or Junk?

    Good morning fam! I do hope you had a good weekend? I had a really busy one but BankyW and the...

    Oma EhiriJanuary 12, 2015
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    Events: Wedding Pictures of Ejiro and Olawale Olundegun

    The Bride Last year, we brought you the traditional wedding pictures of Ejiro and Olawale. If you missed it, click A...

    Oma EhiriJanuary 10, 2015
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    Top 3: Greatest Moments In 2014

    My first top 3 Friday and I was really not sure what I wanted to talk about or should I say,...

    Oma EhiriJanuary 9, 2015
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    Iwa Akwa Ceremony Captured With The Samsung Galaxy A5

      During the holidays, I took a few days off to the village because I had to attend a traditional festival...

    Oma EhiriJanuary 8, 2015
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    Dolce In Red Captured With The Samsung Galaxy A5

    I am  over Christmas but I am not over these dresses worn by the Dolce and Gabbana ladies at their animation...

    Oma EhiriJanuary 7, 2015
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    Veba Lauches New Store In Nigeria

    Am a huge fan of African and African-like prints and love to celebrate new innovations whenever I find them. Veba, a...

    Oma EhiriJanuary 6, 2015
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    TW Giveaway

    Who doesn’t like freebies? TW Magazine in conjunction with Shakara Couture is giving out a dress worth One Hundred and Twenty...

    Oma EhiriJanuary 5, 2015
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    “I am so excited to start a new working week”, said nobody ever… *lol* I have never really been a fan...

    Oma EhiriJanuary 5, 2015