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    On the 15th of April, about 230 girls were kidnapped from school in Nigeria. Till date, only few are said to...

    Oma EhiriMay 1, 2014
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    Blog GiveAway

    At last, Falz, the only rapper that we know that has been called to the bar, is set to release his...

    Oma EhiriApril 30, 2014
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    Sociotectonic Mourns Amaka Igwe

    So sad to start the day with the news of the death of one of Nollywood’s finest producer and director, Amaka...

    Oma EhiriApril 29, 2014
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    Winner of The Blog GiveAway

    Firstly, I wish to thank everyone who took time out to leave a comment on the blog for my mum (read...

    Oma EhiriApril 28, 2014
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    Reasons Why We Do Not Obey

    Last week, we did talk about what we thought Obedience meant. If you missed it, read it up here. This week,...

    Oma EhiriApril 24, 2014
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    The Dreams4Naija Documentary

    Good morning fam. I hope you had a good Easter holiday as I did…… Work has resumed again and what better...

    Oma EhiriApril 22, 2014
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    Obedience is Synonymous to….

    Every moment I have to spend in the presence of the Lord is an awesome one. I have come to not...

    Oma EhiriApril 17, 2014
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    Maybelline NewYork Launches The Clear Smooth All in One Powder

    ‘Beauty is not just universal, it is character. Beauty is ethics and ethics is beauty’. These were the words of the...

    Oma EhiriApril 15, 2014
  • Blog Giveaway

    Yipee! God has added another year to my mum’s life today. Happy birthday mum. I am so grateful to have you...

    SoTectonicApril 15, 2014
  • Half Of A Yellow Sun

    The weekend started on Friday (11th of April, 2014) for some of us who got invited to attend the film screening...

    SoTectonicApril 14, 2014
  • Be Prepared: Shopping List For the Rain

    It seems like the rain is around as it has been seen showering or coming down heavy in the past couple...

    SoTectonicApril 10, 2014
  • NdaniTv premiers Season2 of The Juice

    Saturday the 5th of April was a night of Glamour at the premier of the Season2 of The Juice, held at...

    SoTectonicApril 7, 2014