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Spotted: Pearls on Suede by Rene Caovilla

It’s Tuesday and on Instagram, we say, it is Shooeeesssss Day! So, I thought, why not let you in on my new-found shoe love by Rene Caovilla.swarovski shoes

To be honest, I never knew this brand until last week at the Oxford Fashion Studio runway shows in Paris. I was sipping on a glass of champagne in a corner of Intercontinental Hotel (same brand as the one in Nigeria) when I spotted these gorgeous feet that literally gave me a suede shoes by Rene Caovilla

I walked up to the fine old lady oozing of luxury and asked to take pictures of the shoes. Not only did she oblige me, she went on to school me about the accessories used in making the shoes- pearls and Swarovski on a suede fabric.French lady

She went on to raise her leg so I could peep the bling behind and went on to take the shoe off so that I could see the name of the brand, Rene Caovilla.bridal shoes

Rene Caovilla is a luxury brand that is almost a hundred years old. Their shoes are not regular at all and so is the price as these shoes will cost you 970 pounds. I would love to own one of these for sure but the way my bank account is set up *smiles*, I certainly need a couple of millions in it before I can splurge.

What is the maximum you will be willing to spend on a pair of shoes?

Oma Ehiri

All images were shot on Samsung Galaxy Note 8

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