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Perros Guirec- One of my Favourite Places in France!

It is a good day to be alive and watch a 39year old man become the president of France. He is the youngest that France has ever produced since Napoleon Bonaparte. The show of love last night and the calls that I got from my people on that end shows that he is loved even among the non-French people. Indeed, it is a good time to be alive and experience this sort of history.Oma Ehiri

Asides from the fact that his campaign policies resonate with a lot of us, his age is one that gives hope to the young. It speaks to the future of Africa as we look forward to the day that we can produce a president who is young and loved by many. A president whose victory will be celebrated greatly as the people of France turned out en-masse to celebrate Emmanuel Macron.

Seeing that there is joy in that land at this time, I decided to share one of my favourite places in France- Perros Guirec.France

Perros Guirec is actually a seaside resort; one that I think every tourist should consider visiting when they are in France. I like the stones on the sides of the sea as well. The view from there is really nice. Perros Guirec, France

I also like the colour of the skies over the sea. It is absolutely beautiful and got me wanting to capture moments that has the sky in the view. It sure made my pictures come out really lovely.France

I see lots of people doing picnics and just trying to soak in the sun and some others getting married or visiting the casino. I think the most fun part will be the boat rides or surfing if you are one who is all up for these kind of sports.Perros GGuirec , France

Being here was really therapeutic for me as I enjoyed the view and soaked in the cool breeze of nature. It is mind soothing if you will just be in the moment and enjoy what you see. I couldn’t have asked for a better place to have my moment. It was a great choice and I will be visiting again!Infinix Hot S

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Oma Ehiri


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