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P&G Fabric Care exclusively revealed how it is evolving to meet multi-sensorial fashion trends and solve the challenge of maintaining clothing beauty and longevity for consumers. Hosted in vibrant Berlin, this year’s P&G Future Fabrics forum – for its Fabric Care brands Ariel and Lenor/Downy, brought together a prestigious mix of fashion, fabrics and human psychology experts to address the latest advances in fabrics and how our own unconscious decisions affect our clothing perceptions.

A keynote speech, given by John Turner, P&G’s Research & Development director, focused on WHY people’s preferences and perceptions toward their clothes change. Turner revealed that P&G Fibre Scientists are introducing new advances in the 3-Step FibreSCIENCEapproach; to Clean, Protect and Enhance, which focus on prolonging and improving the multi-sensorial fabric properties that influence people’s perception of their clothes: the look, the feel and the scent. The life cycle of our clothes is often cut short because these properties are not cared for properly.
Turner commented: “Our closets are full of clothes, yet we only wear 20% of them 80% of the time, so why aren’t we wearing the rest? Why have we fallen out of love with a garment that we spent our hard earned money on? P&G is looking at Fabric Care from a new angle to find out the answer. We’re breaking new ground by applying the latest research in the cognitive science of human perception to understand WHY we reject a garment and how our relationship with clothes changes over time. By applying this knowledge to our FibreSCIENCE expertise we are redefining what Fabric Care means for consumers and their clothes.”
P&G Future Fabrics official partner and respected fabric trends forecaster, Première Vision, opened with a presentation given by Associate Fashion Director, Sabine Le Chatelier on fashion as a multi-sensorial experience, which illustrated how fabrics are more than visual – an alchemy of look, feel and handle or behaviour. Also revealed was the current industry trends in textile and fabric innovation where imagination and technology are combining to produce exciting sensorial fashions that are also washable, easy to care for and sustainable.
This fashion trend towards the multi-sensorial was further explored by a presentation from leading cognitive psychologist Dr Lawrence Rosenblum, who revealed that the last years of research in perceptual psychology has given rise to a “multi-sensory revolution”, showing that our senses are always influencing one another, and impacting our preferences and moods much more than we realize and often in ways in which we are not aware. Dr Rosenblum’s collaboration with P&G demonstrates how the myriad of cross-sensory influences on our experiences with our fashions – what you see, how it feels to touch, what your nose smells – impact the relationship we have with clothes and our final decision on what to wear.
P&G’s Global Fashion Consultant, Giles Deacon, exclusively unveiled his latest machine-washable collections at P&G Future Fabrics, which included the Dress for Yes collection for Lenor and designs for Ariel and Downy.

Deacon commented: “After a year of working with P&G Fabric Care I have seen their advances in fabric care. I’ve spent time with the talented team at the innovation centre in Brussels and the progress in their work there. I’ve been inspired by what Ariel and Lenor/Downy can do to ensure that clothes remain beautiful long after they were designed.

For this new collection I was inspired by the trend of multi-sensorial fashions and fabrics. Aware that both Ariel and Lenor have the capability to preserve and protect these fashions I set about creating designs that bring the best of each brand to life. For Ariel it was all about making first impressions last, colour, confidence and impact. For Lenor I focussed on giving people the confidence to wear an item all day and feel as great in it in the evening as they did when they first put it on in the morning.”

Responding to the trends in sensorial fashion and the unconscious multi-sensory influences behind human perception, Ariel’s 3-step FibreSCIENCE approach; clean, protect and enhance, acts on the fibres, not just stains, to maintain the sensorial qualities (look, feel and scent) of fabrics that impact people’s relationship with their clothes. Ariel formulas help protect and improve the look of clothes via a process of fibre purification and preservation, removing and preventing impurities from re-depositing back on fibres that can cause clothes to appear dull and dingy and influence people’s emotions and preference. Ariel also helps protect the feel of clothes through FibreSCIENCE technologies specialized in optimising the wash conditions to help protect fibre integrity and preserve that “like-new” feel. Ariel FibreSCIENCE experts also focus on improving the cognitive-emotional connection to clothes thanks to a combination of unique fresh scent technologies and impeccable cleaning against invisible stains that can cause malodour.

Robert van Pappelendam, Vice President of P&G Fabric Care Europe, commented:
“Last year we announced that P&G’s mission is to redefine and elevate what cleaning and caring for clothes means and this year, in collaboration with our incredible partners, we’re taking that mission to another level – to explore how human psychology and cognitive behavioural analysis is helping to fuel product innovation. At P&G Fabric Care we constantly strive to meet people’s ever-evolving needs. From scientific research to clothes design we are increasingly aware of the benefits we can gain from greater understanding of cognitive behaviour. It’s extremely exciting to be able innovate and enhance our products at such a human level and we believe this is the key to successful product today.”
About Procter & Gamble 
P&G serves nearly five billion people around the world with its brands. The Company has one of the strongest portfolios of trusted, quality, leadership brands, including Always®, Ambi Pur®, Ariel®, Bounty®, Charmin®, Crest®, Dawn®, Downy®, Duracell®, Fairy®, Febreze®, Gain®, Gillette®, Head & Shoulders®, Lenor®, Olay®, Oral-B®, Pampers®, Pantene®, SK-II®, Tide®, Vicks®, Wella® and Whisper®. The P&G community includes operations in approximately 70 countries worldwide. Please visit for the latest news and in-depth information about P&G and its brands.
About Giles Deacon
Giles Deacon is a celebrated fashion designer renowned the world over for his playful, show-stopping designs.
After graduating from London’s Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in 1992, Giles chose to travel and gain experiences at different fashion houses. He spent two years working with French fashion designer 
Jean Charles De Castelbajac before returning to London to work for a number of High Street fashion houses. It was during this time that Giles met the owner of Bottega Veneta, and from 1998 until 2002 Giles was the head designer at Bottega Veneta and the Gucci Group.
In 2004 Deacon launched his own label GILES at London Fashion week to international acclaim. His collection received numerous awards including “British Designer of the Year” at the British Fashion Awards in 2006 and the prestigious French ANDAM Fashion Award in 2009. GILES celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2014.
About Première Vision
Première Vision S.A. is a leading French company that has been organizing textile and fashion trade fairs since 1973. Initially local, the company has skilfully evolved to acquire a global dimension. Première Vision is today at the heart of a comprehensive international network. With twelve subsidiaries and foreign offices throughout the world, the company now organizes 32 events a year in France and in key locations such as New York, Shanghai, Sao Paulo, Moscow or Brussels. Its shows are known for skillfully combining a selective, creative and complementary product offer – high-quality fabrics, accessories, yarns, fibers, and textile designs – with original, forward-looking and cutting edge fashion information.
About Dr. Lawrence Rosenblum
Dr. Lawrence Rosenblum is an award winning Professor of Psychology at the University of California, Riverside. He is the author of the book See What I’m Saying: The Extraordinary Powers of Our Five Senses. His research has been published widely in scientific journals and has been featured in Scientific American, The Economist, and The New York Times. He has appeared on numerous radio and television programs including Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman and BBC Horizon.
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