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Precautionary Measures To Take When Travelling During The Pandemic

The Nigerian Government has since joined the list of countries that have lifted the ban on the interstate and international travels. Whilst this may come as a huge relief, we must not forget that COVID is still very much around. As such, it is imperative to take precautionary measures when travelling during the pandemic so that you do not contract the virus.

Precautionary Measures To Take When Travelling During The Pandemic

We reached out to an aviation blogger and a licensed aircraft dispatcher, Moyosore Ajimatanrareje, to share a few precautionary measures to take whilst travelling now. Here are a few safety tips which she shared with us.

Put on long sleeve clothing:

Travelling in a Hamzat suit may seem a lot but, you could ensure that you wear clothes that cover most part of your body. Research shows that if anyone around you is not sneezing or coughing, then you have almost nothing to worry about since the virus spreads via droplets. We guess now will be a good time to get loungewear handy.

Wear a face mask:

Your face is the most important body part that needs to be protected during your travels. Several body parts are exposed, and you need to ensure that you cover your face. Wear a face mask and a face shield if you can. Personally, I would love to have a hoodie on as well.

Avoid touching surfaces:

Now is not the time to be holding on to any railings or leaning around. Studies have shown that the virus could potentially be contracted from an infected surface. Hence why we are advised to avoid touching our face.

Keep a hand sanitizer handy:

Some people would say wear a glove but, taking off the gloves equally comes with its own safety measures. The easy way out is to have a hand sanitizer and ensure that you sanitize your hands very often.

Ensure to use the toilet before you board:

This we found very interesting and one that we could not leave out. The flight crew will not be cleaning the toilets in flight. Therefore, you must ensure that you use the bathroom before you board to avoid using the bathroom in flight. It is a better option for you. For long travels, we guess this may be almost impossible but there are some disposable toilet seat covers being sold now. You may want to get one. Travelling whilst on your menstrual period must be very tough for any woman. Plan your travels to avoid it if you can.

Though this may seem like measures to take whilst travelling by air, some of these are applicable to travellers who choose to go by road or any other means. Stay safe by protecting yourself because the virus is still out there.

Have you travelled recently during this pandemic? Share your experience with us.

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