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#PressforProgress by Donating to Sebeccly

March 8th is International Women’s Day and this year, we are called to press for progress. In that spirit, I thought it will be the perfect day to share my call for donations to an organization- Sebeccly– that is pivotal to my career as a media personality and a cause that affects women so much more than the other gender- Cancer.

In 2014, I got to experience the pain that comes with cancer and the joy that comes with being a survivor. I am talking about my interview with 3 breast cancer survivors which got featured in the May 2014 edition of Genevieve Magazine. These survivors were under the Sebeccly support program and could get the support and treatment that they needed to live life again.

From the statistics that I gathered from the organization, over 50,000 Nigerian women get diagnosed with cancer each year which is a scary figure seeing that our data system in Nigeria isn’t even so efficient. So, imagine that we could be speaking of so much more than the data available. These women must go through so much pain and it comes with a lot of treatments that requires a huge financial commitment. Many a times, individuals cannot carry this financial burden alone that it collapses every system around them which I presume is the reason that we record deaths from cancer.

Sebeccly as an organization has a pool of funds which they use to care for as many women under their programs. They go from bottom to the top starting with screenings, treatments, psychological support and they also have programs and seminars for the care givers.

To enable them stay in this support business, they need our donation which shouldn’t cost you so much. With a donation of at least 1000 Naira, you will be offering a lot.

Sebeccly cancer care and support centre

To donate, you can do a direct transfer to Sebeccly,

Name: Sebeccly Cancer Care and Support Centre
Account Number: 0010849209
Bank: GTB

Or you can pay securely online by click HERE.

I am hoping that we do a lot more than just read but actually donate to the cause and also share this with your network so that we can have the word out there to a lot more people.

Thank you for supporting this cause and I do hope that you have a fabulous International Women’s Day celebration as we continue to #pressforprogress. It starts with good health!

Oma Ehiri

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