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Product Experience- Eucalyptus Anti-Breakage Range

A few days back, I was availed the opportunity to pamper my hair at the Natures Gentle Touch Hair Institute. Since I have tried their 3 step range, I decided to make my hair experience the Eucalyptus hair range.

The product consist of a shampoo, reconstruction masque, leave-in-serum and control. 
Company’s statement
If your hair is breaking off excessively, start a hair reconstruction process with the Eucalyptus Anti-Breakage range. This treatment is designed with an ultra-active hair strengthening protein-based complex which is blended with the Essentisl Eucalyptus Oil and other herbal ingredients to heal and fortify weak or damaged hair. 
My experience
I like the smell of the product coupled with the tingling mint sensation it causes to the hair. Upon using the shampoo, I didn’t quite get the feel until I was out of the wash and the stylist added the leave in serum. Probably because I had my attention on Castle- a New York serie- as the stylist said that the mint is contained in all of the products.
The company says that you have to use the shampoo, reconstruction masque and the leave-in-serum weekly and the control daily in order to get the full benefits. Therefore, I can’t concretely conclude if the shedding of my hair has reduced or even stopped since I didn’t have so much shedding. However, it may have reduced since I did make my hair a few hours afterwards and only a few strands came out of the hair.
I would recommend the product to anyone looking to retain length by making sure that what they have on does not shed off eventually. I intend to actually purchase the Reconstruction masque to replace my cholesterol treatment. Good news is that, you can actually purchase this product within the next 7days for N6200 and get it delivered to your doorstep for free. Isn’t that cool? 
To purchase your own Eucalyptus Anti-Breakage range, all you need to do is send me an email and I can help you contact the company or call Amaka on 07032369303 or 08105373963. I hope to hear from you soon when you do try the product. You can get an additional touch by visiting the salon at Plot209 Muri Okunola Crescent, Victoria Island, Lagos.

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