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Product Haul: My Mose Box- A Perfect Gift For Your Bridesmaids

Weddings have been on my mind a whole lot and one huge part of planning your wedding is setting aside a budget for your bridesmaids. This budget is beyond their outfits and the accessories but what you give them, in appreciation for their stime and all the expenses that they have to make just to be a part of your big day. One thing that you can consider will be this Mose Box.

Mose (meaning beauty) store launched in May 2017. At the event, the founder of the company, Nowe Isibor, told us the story behind the brand and we shared some of the lessons we got HERE which you should look at especially as an entrepreneur. However, it is a beauty brand that stocks beauty products and my box has some of the products that they are currentlt designing. So, I will share what was in the box and also let you know my thoughts on them especially the ones that I have used.

Opal Luxe Salt and Sugar Body Polish

sugar and salt body polish

The product is by Opal Creation and they say that it exfoliates, cleanses and moisturizes with ingredients like sea salt, almond oil, white sugar, honey, Vitamin E and this particular flavor contains Lavender and Peppermint.

I have used the product and I can say to you that it actually does what the brand says. How you know that a product has exfoliated is when you touch your skin and your palm can feel the freshness. I felt that freshness and my skin was certainly moisturized after use. I have started to even use it in polishing my underarm so that I can exfoliate the dark patches and if it works, I will let you know.

Serenity Nail Lacquernail polish

I got this polish in Miss Stoney which is a coffee brown shade. I had my nail technician apply it and share his thoughts on it. Accrodingto him, the brush is nice for application as it applies well and the polish it self has the right intensity plus it dries in good time.

The Beauty precinct Professional liquid brush cleanerbrush cleaner

Like the name, it is for cleaning your makeup brushes and thi sparticular one has rosemary mint. I haven’t used the product yet but for the size, you can shop one and add to the box for your bridesmaids, I bet every one has at least one makeup brush that they use even when they are not big on makeup .

UberChic Pressed Glitterseye glitter

I haven’t used this either but it is makeup glitters which you can use for your eyelids but I do know that these days, people have various ways that they use this product. Either as nail decorations or even on the lips or on the body. This shade is called Gidi lights.

UberChic Loose glittersuberchic eye glitter

Same purpose as above  but the packaging is very different asides from the name. This shade is Dark Knight.

The Body Shop Drops of Youth Eye Concentrateeye concentrate

From the body of the product, it did say that it was for firming of the eye and for smoothing. Unfortunatey, I cannot confirm or debunk that because I haven’t used it.

Ewami Essentials lip balmewami chapstick

If you have dry lips or when harmattan comes, this is the product that you should be using. I did use it and it was quite moisturizing. Unfortunately, I cannot exactly say where I dropped it but it was good while I had it.

Organic Life Plus Rose water

rose water

This has been my toner for some time now and the effect is great. It is very refreshing on the skin and the best part is that it is organic. Rose Water has a lot of benefits to the skin and the hair which I have been discovering but as a toner and as an after spray when I use my makeup, I can tell you that it has worked well for me. I am almost done with the content and would have restocked if I didn’t have another one.

I am guessing that if you discuss with Mose, they can package the products foe you in the same box that they used in this post because it was really beautiful. You can also ask that they refer you if need me and then you can discuss customization of the boxes if that is something that you will rather do.

Which of these will you like to add to your bridesmaids’ boxes?

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