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Product Review: Mac Studio Fix

I know that many swear by Mac products but what we all need to be made aware of is, what works for one may not work for the other as we all have different skin types and varyings skin needs. When it comes to the MAC studio fix foundation, my experience was slightly unfriendly for my skin but I want to tell you all about the product before I give you the download of what happened.

I shopped the MAC studio Fix in 2016 when I travelled to South Africa and before you even get me started on the authenticity of the product, it was shopped from a MAC studio and tested by the instore makeup artists.


The product comes in a mini jar. To get the product out, you need to take off the cover and then pour out the quantity of the product you want directly to your brush or a palette. However, I do not advise pouring the product directly to your brush lest you take toomuchh and waste the product in the process. I usually pour the product unto the back of my hand carefully and then dab my brush onto the product before applying to my face.


The product has a matte finish. It applies real well and the coverage is super amazing. I like how it gives me that smooth yet natural look upon application. Though, I seem to think that the shade is a lot darker for me at the moment. This is because the skin renews and sometimes gets lighter especially if you avoid the sun. So, it wasn’t that the make up artist didn’t know her job but rather I have taken steps to care for my skin a lot more, exfoliating and toning well.

Why I hate MAC Studio Fix

For the first few times when I applied the product, it did feel as though something really hot was being placed on my skin. By the time I took my makeup off, I was breaking out especially on my forehead. Subsequently, I started to use a skincare primer to protect my skin first before applying the product. However, because of that first impression, I barely use the product. At the moment, I haven’t replaced my foundation. So, I still go for it when I need to apply foundation which is once in a really long time.

To be fair, this product has worked well for many and like I said it gives you a great coverage and the matte finish is one that I love. But for my skin, I will certainly not be refilling if I ever run out and as soon as I can, I will be shopping a new foundation.

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