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Professions In The Beauty Industry


Contrary to what some may know, there is a plethora of job opportunities and career paths that one can go into in the beauty industry. We have outlined a few of the notable professions in the beauty industry and do hope that if you are one who has been wondering what you could do with your passion for beauty, you could find an answer here.

Here are the professions!

Make Up Artiste

This is probably the most thriving profession in the beauty industry with all the waves that it has created over the years, pushing many to dabble into the field. It is quite unfortunate that many do not possess the required training to be in this profession but assume that by watching a few You Tube videos, one can become a professional Make Up Artiste. To become a professional in this field, you may not necessarily go to a special school but it is important to attend top notch trainings, particularly those who are renowned in the field. In Nigeria, we will recommend Bimpe Onakoya, Fatima Mamza of Mamza beauty, Tara Durotoye of House of Tara, Bamke Meshida Lawal of BM Pro. You can also try L’oreal, Zaron Cosmetics, Inglot and Black Up Paris.


You can specialise as a beauty photography and get the opportunity to do shoots for Make Up brands or even for magazines who may wish to do something of that sort. You could still be versatile as a photographer trying your hands on all the other aspects of photography but be known for your beauty work.

Hair stylist

This is another lucrative profession in the beauty industry and with the recent hype in natural hair these days, if you have the creativity to create beautiful hairstyles that thrills ladies, you will find them coming back to you always.

Store Owner

If you own a shop and just wondering what you can do with that space, begin to stock that store with beauty products if you are one that loves the beauty industry. Just make sure to buy the products that you sell from the right source so that you are not selling fake products to your customers. That could give you a bad reputation and ultimately spoil your business. Without a store, you can still deal in beauty products like Natural Glamour whish is owned by a young student and runs it as an online beauty brand which is doing quite well for itself.


L’oreal, House of Tara, Zaron, Black Up Paris, Bolwin cosmetics, are all manufactures of beauty products. Good thing is that you do not need to spend a fortune to have a beauty line. For instance Liz Awoliyi, formerly known as Liz Yemoja has an eye lash line, Bolwin cosmetics deals in lip sticks and recently have to their name a few brushes and now, nail polishes.


To be involved in this, you need to go to school to study medicine afetr which you can then specialize in this field. This deals with transforming the way people look or some part of their body. Basically, it is all about plastic surgery which may come with a lot of risky decisions but is also lucrative. However, we are not sure how lucrative it is in this part of the world but someone like Modupe Ozolua has thrived in that field.


Like a cosmetologist, you require special training so that you can qualify as a skin doctor. You basically give advice to people on their skin issues and recommend the right products for their skin type.

Which of these professions do you think is the most lucrative?

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