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Promo: Natures Gentle Touch Introduces The Eucalptus Weekly Anti-Hair Breakage Range

I have good news reaching me form the Natures Gentle Touch Institute.

I was there over the weekend and discovered that they now have a new range of product to cater specifically for those with hair breakage or split ends. It is called the Natures Gentle Touch Eucalyptus Weekly Anti-Hair Breakage Range.

Content: The Natures Gentle Touch Eucalyptus Range consists of the Weekly Anti-Hair Breakage shampoo, a Reconstruction Masque, a Leave-in Serum and Daily Control

Benefits: According to the company, this treatment range prevents the loss of natural moisture and protein from hair strands and increases the strength, shine and elasticity of your hair. It is expected to make your hair more resistant to breakage and split ends. Based on the company’s research, weekly use of the product will add luster to a dull and lifeless hair.

How To Use: There are four steps to using the product. I recommend that you patronise the Natures Gentle Touch Institute where the trained hair stylists can cater for your hair needs. However, I understand that the institute may be too far off for you to visit and you may want to do it yourself. So, here is how to use it.

  1. Wash your hair with the Anti-Hair breakage shampoo using luke warm water for 3mins, rinse off and dry using a towel or a tshirt
  2. Apply the Reconstruction Masque on your hair just like you will apply a deep conditioning treatment. Cover the hair with a plastic cap and wait for 20-30 minutes after which you rinse off with cold water  and towel dry or use a clean cotton shirt.
  3. Apply the Leave-in Serum and style. This is a leave-in so, do not rinse.
  4. Moisturise your hair with the Daily control. For added protection of your hair, use the Natures Gentle Touch Castor Oil.

Price: The price may vary according to the retailers but it is being sold at the Natures gentle Touch Hair Institute for  #6,200.

Editor’s note: I can’t wait to use this product myself and share my experience with you. However I have used their 3 Step-Solution which was what I started out with when I was told to stop relaxing my hair and it did a good job. The good news about this product is that, when you buy the complete range from Natures Gentle Touch, you get a free hair treatment. Isn’t that good news? So, you buy the product and you get the treatment for free. So, start sending me your emails to place your orders or simply call Lilian on 08064090533. Best part of it all, you can stay in the comfort of your home and get it delivered with the free treatment card. Start ordering and get the free treat and enjoy all the benefits of the Eucalyptus range.  As soon as you place your order and you are ready to visit the Institute, just send me an email and who knows? I just maybe on my way to hangout with you at the Institute. You can also decide to buy the product at the institute and get your free hair treatment immediately. However, do call Lilian on 08064090533 before you go.

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