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PZ Launches A New Cussons Baby Variant

A few weeks back, I attended the Press Conference organised by PZ. It was on very short notice but sometimes, journalists have no choice but to be on their toes at all times. However, I am glad that I attended.
The conference was a 2 in 1 activity as the brand launched a new variant and the second edition of Cussons Baby Moments.
The new variant is called Cussons Baby Cares and Protects. As the name implies, it is expected to protect the baby from harsh weather conditions that can cause skin irritation to babies. Just like the previous two variants known with colours, this variant is known as the yellow variant.
I am yet to use the products but I do love the packaging and it is quite attractive compared to the other two. I shared my goodies with my colleagues but I kept the powder which I was told contains ingredients that are used to relieve body itch, discomforts and skin irritations. I always go to bed with powder on and for a couple of years now, I have been stuck to the Nycil Baby Powder which has so far been doing a good job. I plan to use the yellow variant as soon as the Nycil is finished and then, I can do a review of the powder.
I did mention earlier that the brand launched the second edition of the Cussons Baby Moments Competition. I met the family that won the first edition and also watched the video of their win and the happy times.
I was hoping I could show that to you but do not have access to the video at this time.However, this year promises to be bigger and better. All you need to do is buy a promo pack which contains the scratch card and follow the instructions there in.
I have one promo pack for one lucky family that sends me an email to request for it. You have one week from today to send in your email and tell me why you deserve to have the pack. you can also drop your comments here for easier visibility and I will get back to you. Just drop your name, email and location.
To know more about the Cussons Baby Moments competition, click Cussons Baby Moments Terms and Conditions. 
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