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What You You Need To Succeed As A Customer Service Representative

The skill set and qualities required to succeed as a customer service representative

Customer Service Representatives seem to be in high demand. This comes as no shock as they are very important to every brand. At SoTectonic, we call them, the brand heroes. Without them, your brand will have a really hard time retaining customers and getting referrals.

You could have an amazing product with a great marketing strategy that pulls the customer in, but what closes the deal is in the Customer Service. This is why we reached out to Chioma Okanmelu, a customer service representative with a multinational financial company in Nigeria, to share some of her success tips:

Knowledge of the Product:

To succeed as a customer service representative, you must arm yourself with adequate knowledge of the company’s product. This will make it easy to provide customers with information at all times. You should also have a directory containing the contact details of other staff whom you may you need to contact for help for specific brand issues.


We understand that some customers can be a chatterbox. However, at no point in time should you get distracted. You can tailor the route in which the conversation goes ro speed things up but never not pay attention because the solution to that customer’s problem is in all they have said. Many a times, they can even share vital information about a competing brand that could help your company.

This applies to emails as well. Read through thoroughly before responding to the customer.


This is key in attending to customers; some of whom may be uncouth, indecisive or uncertain about what they want. Rather than flip or let your emotions get the best of you, activate your patience. Remember that one unsatisfied customer can be the reason you lose every other customer. You also need to watch your choice of language lest a customer misinterprets your words and takes offence.


What stands you out from others is the ability to have a human face in responding to customers. Put yourself in their shoes as this will help you better understand their pain and how best to resolve it without breaching company policies.

Time Management:

As a customer service representative, you are bound to have a really busy day. This is where your notes, diaries, schedulers or planners come in. Plan your time effectively, ensuring that each activity is stated on your notes. That way, notjing is left out and you are also not carried away by one customers request that others are left unattended to. You also need to master how to let go of customers who are time wasters without being rude or making them seem unimportant. Attend to their needs and keep it moving.

Customer Service is not exclusive to the one who has been put in charge of that. Every individual within the organisation who may be in contact with a customer at any point in time must do well to familiarise with these skill set.

Which of these do you consider extremely important as a customer?

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