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Foodies Corner|| 8 Quick Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast remains unarguably the most important meal of the day. However, life gets in the way and we sometimes forget to get some. When we do, we want to opt for something that is easy to fix- Quick breakfast ideas.

Here is a list of 8 quick breakfast ideas:

Greek Yoghurt and Granola:a bowl of greek yoghurt and granola with strawberries

This is a healthy breakfast option and quite nutritious too. Just pour the Greek yoghurt in a bowl and splash some of the granola on it.

Green Smoothies2 glasses of green smoothies with some fruits

There are days you want to start your day by cleansing the body. A few frozen green fruits in a blender will do. You should try this green Smoothie Without Spinach recipe.

Fruit Salada bowl of fruit salad

Cut up some fruits the night before and leave it in a bowl. You can snack on this while you are on your way to the office.


oat meal

There are lots of ways to consume this and they are very quick to make too. Tosin Ajobade shared 4 recipes in her video on 4 Healthy Oat Recipes.



This may seem really fancy but totally a quick breakfast idea. There are lots of options on how to make these. If you will like us to create some recipes, join our mailing list HERE.

Egg Sauce and Yam:yam and egg sauce

A slice of yam with some egg sauce is just enough to get you ready for the day. Ajoke of My Kitchen has a recipe HERE.

Boiled irish potatoes:potatoes

You can have them in balls or mash them. This is equally very nutritional with about 110 calories. It is a good source of vitamin b6, contains fibre and magnesium.

Akara and Papakara and pap

What’s a list without a complete Nigerian meal? You could either blend the beans and keep stored for when you need it or buy a bean flour. There are lots of brands making some of these now. Check out this recipe by ABJM Belle Affairs.

Now, you can get to work early and still have your breakfast.

Pro Tip: You can make most of the ingredients the night before and just make the meals in the morning. Better still, batch cook over the weekend and store in the fridge. Take out in the morning and get the fix.

Got any Quick Breakfast ideas, share them in the comment section.

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