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Re-evaluating The Vision

Creating an editorial calendar is very important when running a blog but there are times when the contents do not always go as planned and this is one of those times. The theme of the month was going to be celebrating fashion but as I went through the month of May, things began to happen that influenced the theme of the month, ‘Re-evaluating the Vision’. I began to ponder on the vision of the brand- why did I start the blog and what was it that I intended to achieve. What was it that I wanted to see happen that wasn’t happening and how could I get it to happen. It was in that moment that it became really clear to me that the answers that I seek lie within the vision of the brand.

SoTectonic started out to celebrate social work which was how I came about the tagline, ‘Inspiring all’. As time went by, it grew to embrace a larger vision of being a lifestyle brand that not only inspires through social works but the entirety of human existence. At this time, it became clear that it was not only inspiring but equally promoting brands, people and services that inspired the lifestyles of those who came across our articles. I had to revisit the meaning of the name that I so carefully chose for the brand and said to myself, “I didn’t just select a tongue twister for the fun of it. It has a meaning which is to create a strong and widespread impact” and I needed to live up to the name which the brand is called by.

All of these thought processes in the past month coupled with listening to the stories of the speakers from Live Your Dreams Africa 5, propelled me to restrategise. I carefully reevaluated that vision and began to set goals along the vision- goals that I hope to attain before the brand clocks 5. They are goals that scare me because 5 is just a few months away but knowing what the vision is, is all that I need to keep me going. I have been studying and doing my research to ensure that I create contents that are in line with what I have set out to achieve. Believe me when I say it is not blogging as usual but blogging intentionally.

Running a blog is not as easy as many think. We let you see the fun but there is a lot of work that has gone into the fun that you see. We let you see the results but it didn’t just come with so much ease. The industry has many of us competing for the attention of different brands but what stands each one of us out is the kind of content that we put out and the attention that we pay to the tiniest of details. There are so many social media experts but what makes a brand to come to you to manage their social media account or create a campaign for them is in the work that you have put in. The amount of time and resources that you put in.

This is my own story but it should apply to your story and your industry. How much work are you putting in? There are times when I have cried out and said to myself and even to my best friend, “I can’t do this anymore” but almost immediately, I am already sharing ideas that will keep the brand running. This is a vision that is bigger than me and that is what your vision should be about. Start by making plain the vision behind everything that you do and carefully set goals towards achieving that vision. Ther are things that you want to see happen before the end of the year but they won’t happen if you leave it to chance. You need to be intentional for those goals to be achieved. I want to start the month of July seeing that I am moving closer to the goals. I know that it may seem like nothing is working but re-evaluating the vision made me even grateful for where we are today as a brand and I know that we will get there. You should do the same as well.

Re-evaluate your vision dear friends and be sure that you are doing what needs to be done. I sincerely wish you all the best in the new month and I ask that you subscribe to the mailing list and stay close to our social media accounts as well. A lot will happen that should truly inspire your lifestyle and at the end of the month, we are looking to have a pull of feedback from everyone of you. Till I come your way again,Oma Ehiri


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