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Reasons Why We Do Not Obey

Last week, we did talk about what we thought Obedience meant. If you missed it, read it up here.

This week, I will like to discuss a few reasons why people do not obey.

  1. Pride; Remember how I mentioned in the last post that, obedience is humility (If you missed the post, click here)? The opposite of humility has to be pride. I like one of the definitions of the Merriam Webster dictionary which says, ‘Pride is a feeling that you are more important or better than other people’. Deducing from that definition, you can understand why one with pride will not obey instructions. This is because the person believes that no one can be above him or her and is not willing to submit to the authority of another.
  2. Fear: As defined on the discovery channel website, ‘Fear is a series of reactions in the brain triggered by a stressful stimulus and ending with such physical reactions as tense muscles, rapid heartbeat and rushed breathing’.As strangely as this may sound, some people do not obey out of fear; fear of the consequences of obeying the instruction that may bring them harm. For instance, those in war torn areas may not obey a legitimate government for fear of being attacked by the rebels.
  3. Stubbornness: Gotten from the word stubborn, Merriam Webster defines it as, ‘refusing to change your ideas or to stop doing something., Thus, one who is stubborn will definitely find it difficult to obey. 
  4. Self esteem: For some, low self esteem can make them not to obey. How? Just assuming that obeying will make someone trample on them, people with low self esteem will find it difficult to obey.

  If you have any of these traits, get over it and begin to develop the habit of obeying especially, obeying the right instructions.

Next week, we will take a break from the obedience series and bring you a feature on the role model of the month.

Till then, Stay Inspired.


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