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Recurring Street Style Trends At Lagos Fashion Week 2019

Street style trends at Lagos Fashion Week 2019!

Lagos Fashion Week 2019 has come and gone but the memories of some notable street styles linger on. The thing about street style at fashion week is, no one is ever wrong. Every look is seen as an expression of one’s personal style and as such respected by the fashion community. However, there were some very pronounced looks that flooded the streets as we spotted quite a number of people in them.




Jackets have always been a street style trend. Irrespective of the weather condition, show-goers know how to catch our attention with the way they pair the trend. This year wasn’t any different as we spotted different types on the street. Take a look at some outstanding ones on Instagram.

Two-Piece suits

two piece suit_sotectonic

Like jackets, we all know the two-piece suits to be a common fashion trend, not just on the street style but in our everyday life. This is why we paid attention to the show-goers who wore the trend either with a short, skirt or trousers. Follow us on Instagram to see some of our favorites.



With darling being one of the sponsors of this year’s Lagos Fashion Week, we were expecting to see a number of celebrities and influencers wearing hair extensions by the brand. Hence why we paid close attention to not just fashion but also, the hair looks on the street. However, the hairstyle that stood out was the ponytail. Before fashion week, this was already a trend. Every red carpet event saw a lot of women rocking the trend. Even the ponytail at SoTectonic Shop sold out just before fashion week and now, we have had to make custom units for shoppers who have made requests pending when we restock. Do check out our Instagram page for some of our favorites.

Mini bags

mini bag trend_sotectonic

A lot of these trends are familiar ones like mini bags. It wasn’t just a lady thing. Even the guys came through with their mini bag game. We have a few selections on Instagram. Do check it out!

PS: We have some mini bags at the SoTectonic Shop. Kindly click here, here and here to view.


street style_sotectonic

The final and most popular trend every year is the sneakers trend. Quite frankly, sneakers are the best bet for street style if you wish to be comfortable as you should. This year wasn’t any different and show goers made sure to pair it with just about anything. To see what caught our lens, check our Instagram page.

There were other trends like the bold hair color and more but, these 5 stood out for us. Which of these trends will you be embracing more as we get ready for the festive season?

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