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Reflections: Do Not Treat The Unjust The Way They Treat You

Good morning friends. I do hope you had a splendid weekend like I did. Mine was quite a busy one with lots of activities made memorable with the Samsung Galaxy A5.
As we start the week, I will like to share with you a little something I learnt in church yesterday that can help you soar this week. It centres around the way people treat you and your reaction to their treatment especially when they have been unfair to you.
Using the reference of Saul and David from the book of 1st Samuel, it is evident that no matter how good a man you are, many will seek your downfall. But still in that book, you can see how forgiveness and genuine love for the unjust can exalt you. 
Saul despised David and sought his death but every opportunity David got to kill Saul, he spared his life. In the end, Saul had no choice but to pronounce blessings on David. 
I have had my share of giving my time and energy to something I was passionate about but in the end, they treated me with disrespect. Should I hold onto that bitterness and anger and deprive myself the blessings that await me in the future?
No matter what you may be going through from that victimising boss, that unjust neighbour, that unfair colleague, just keep asking God for the grace to show them love. Love conquers all things including injustice.  
I wish you a beautiful week ahead even as we set out to celebrate Christmas. 
Just as a side comment,  I  successfully wrote this post and posted it while on my way out this morning using the Samsung Galaxy A5. This phone seems to be making life so easy for me to live. I can’t wait to share amazing shots taken with the phone, what the company says about the phone and what my experience has been with the phone. The Samsung Galaxy A5 has been launched but will hit the stores in the new year.
With love, 


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