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Reflections: Dogs Don’t Practice Eye-service

Image via Obi’s BBM DP
Busy weekend that I really could have used an extra rest day. Hitting the roads this morning didn’t even help with the traffic situation which seemed worse than other days. Not withstanding, am at work now and ready to give the week the best of my efforts and that should be your attitude.

At the early morning mass today, the priest, Rev. Fr. Oriyomi, spoke about the kind of lives we should live as human beings irrespective of our religious differences. It was a brief but deep sermon and I particularly loved his comparison of the life of a dog and that of a human.
In his opinion which is clearly the truth, a dog that needs to be at a particular duty post at a particular time is always found at that spot irrespective of who is watching. Whether you treat it nicely or not, feed it or not or whether you are even around or not. The dog knows that it needs to perform an assignment and goes ahead to carry out that assignment. Whether brave or cowardly, it still barks, making efforts to scare the intruder.
If a dog can do that, how much more we who are humans, created in the image of God and in his likeness, above all the creatures of the earth. We shouldn’t need anyone to watch us all the time for us to live a life worthy of emulation. We should learn to take the initiative at things, even when people try to mar our efforts. At work, you could work with a team lead that proves difficult to please or derives joy in being saucy, don’t spend your time castigating that team lead. Rather, do the best you can and let God fight the rest for you.
As a team lead, you could have team members who you think are not up to speed the way you want, don’t try so hard to bring them down. Rather, correct them with love even if you don’t want to get personal with them. Being mean and high handed may get you some results because they want to keep their jobs but it doesn’t guarantee the growth of that business and certainly doesn’t guarantee your security.
Let us go ahead and do what we ought to do in our respective works and even as God’s creature with the responsibility to show love to all humans irrespective of their religion. 
I am loving the feedback from my BN post and if you haven’t read it, you should. maybe you could learn something from it or have a diverse view that you want to contribute. Also, there should be a new post by moi on TNC today at noon. So, keep refreshing to see what comes up. 
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