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Reflections: Fruits Or Junk?

Good morning fam! I do hope you had a good weekend? I had a really busy one but BankyW and the EME crew tried to ease the weekend stress by giving me the opportunity to see Taken3 with Banky and his fans at the Genesis Deluxe Cinemas. I would say it was a good one because ordinarily, I would never have gone to the cinemas on that day especially when I have my final exams 2days away. Thanks guys!

This morning, I want you to spend some time to reflect on the kind of lifestyle that you have. It is really important for you to live healthy not minding the number of years that you presume you may live on earth. Just make every moment of it count by ensuring that you do the right thing at the right time, eat the right food and simply stay healthy.
TW magazine started a fitness challenge on Friday which gave about 15 ladies the opportunity to build a healthy lifestyle. You may not be getting all the freebies that they will be getting but I will try to give you a few tips that you can also use to tweak your lifestyle and incorporate healthy living.
Firstly, what amount of water have you taken today? Have you had breakfast and what was the content? What will you be snacking on in between meals- junk or fruits? 
I do have the nutrition guideline given to the ladies by Sherese Ijewere, a nutrition consultant from Caribbean Health and Nutrition. If you would like a copy, leave your email in the comment box and I will work on a soft copy and send it to you.For those of you who joined me in the 90 days Healthy Hair Challenge, you really should have a copy of this nutrition guideline. We still have our fitness date on the 28th of February and maybe I can speak to someone so that we join the TW Fitness challengers that day at the Luv me and my studios. Also leave a comment on that if you are interested.
Have a wonderful working week and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
With love,


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