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Reflections: In Preparation For Lent

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Valentine weekend was quite a busy one for me but also fun. All that is over now and it is time to get ready for the Lenten Season. As a Catholic, I am familiar with a few things that I need to do during the period of Lent in order to get the blessings that come with it and the grace. However, there are three things which I think cuts across all Christians and should be observed.

Prayer and fasting
The Lenten season should be a time for us to reflect on the word of God and the passion of our Lord Jesus Christ.  We should dedicate our lives to praying fervently like we ought to always do as Christians and add the fasting dimension putting in mind that even our Lord Jesus Christ did tell the disciples at one point that there are certain demons that requires fasting. See these demons as some of the challenges you may be facing or even the economic crisis which is glaring Nigeria in the face.

Whatever it is that you have gotten yourself so engrossed in, it is time to let it go, especially when it takes you away from the presence of God or competes for the love you have God. You also need to give something that you love to do and just deprive yourself of some of that goodies. For instance, sex lovers need to let it go and try to use this period to see how to put an end to the habit. For me, I get to stay away from meat especially on Wednesdays and Fridays. I feel like I need to buy a large chunk of beef and consume all of it in 2days *lol*

Alms Giving
Whatever you do, it is really important that you do charity. Give to those who have little than you do or even none. Stop making excuses of how you haven’t fed enough. And really, try not to psych those you wish to help to see if they really need it. Yes, we have some people who can work but would rather stand by and deceive people into giving them alms. Let God be the judge, you play your part. 

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