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Reflections: It Is About Us

Pause and reflect……. how the world would really look like if you were all by yourself in it? Lonely? Dejected? Sad? How do you think that Adam felt being by himself in the garden? Why did the Wisest One decide that he could not be by himself and made him a helper? 

When you look around you, you will realise that everyone has a role to play in your life and only when you begin to recognise that, they plus you make a formidable team, then and only then can you be fulfilled in life.
Spend today sowing seeds of love in the lives of all those around you. Start with your family and let the love spread to your place of work. No matter how awesome you think you might be, you cannot achieve as much if you do not lean on the rest of your team. 
When next you pass through the gate, smile at the security man and wish him a great day. Before you ask the cleaner to run you an errand, be sure they had a great weekend. Demand for reports from your team members with a courteous tone. Yet to see your staff today, ask where they are before you summon the HR to surcharge them. As an employee, remember that you are not indispensable. Do not frustrate the works of others by refusing to do your own part. Your work is an act of showing love to the world. See it that way and contribute to your personal growth and the growth of the company.
In the end, the cycle continues and the focus beccomes US and not just U.
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