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Reflections: My First BN Post

I have been working on a column for quite some time now that records my experience as a young professional and I needed the right platform to host it. I finally decided to go with Bella Naija but a lot of formalities had to be done before the column could run. Eventually, they reached out to me with all the basic requirements and while I was still on it, a sample of my post got published.

Now, the post did not get to come out the way I wanted it to actually come out as it was supposed to be an episode in the series and not a standalone article but whatever the case, it came out and I was glad it did. However, I wished that I was able to look at the article before it got published so that I could space it accurately. Not with standing, I love that the message behind that article was out in the open.

I got lashed by a lot of the BN readers who thought I was asking too much from the celebrity managers. In their opinion, I am yet to pay my dues in the industry. Therefore, why should I expect them to have any form of respect for me. In the words of one of the commentators, I was like a U.S. waitress expecting some kind of entitlement. I couldn’t help but laugh so hard at the comments though but I am glad that I was getting feedback. It helps to work on my mindset and also improve my writing style unlike the blog where lots of people read and never really think they should leave a comment.

Whatever the case may be, the post is out there and I do hope that they get the message. However, I am curious to know: Should one be treated as less of a human being just becuase one thinks you are new in the industry? Don’t you think that people should not have different attitudes for when they want you to feature them and when they need to deliver what they have promised to do?

I will be doing some more write ups that may be pricking a lot of people. I hope it pricks so hard that you lash me harder but put your acts together. I am having a lot of fun in my career at the moment and I do hope that you are having about the same fun in yours. In all of it, just stay calm and remain loyal to what you love to do. Passion pays after all.


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