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Reflections: Part I

I would like to start today’s post by saying a big thank you to all my ardent readers and contributors to the blog who take time out to send me articles, read my posts and also share with their friends. I will also want to appeal that you also share your thoughts on the blog by commenting. This would enable me to know what you think of each post, your opinions on the posts and create a good feedback mechanism for me as well as broaden my horizon on these issues.

Today on the blog, I am starting a series which I have titled, Reflections. After reading today’s edition, you can send in your own reflections for the blog.
My reflection today stemmed out of the sermon of my priest yesterday at mass. I got to church probably expecting something different since it was the first Sunday of the month but like the priest said, he was out to disappoint us; a good disappointment anyway. He focused on a topic that made him shed tears on the altar of God before the congregation. A topic which he said many have shied away but should be the main focus of existence. The topic was on repentance and I gathered a lot which every human, whether a Christian or not, should be interested in.
However, I would not be focusing on his topic of repentance but generally, other issues which I cropped out of the sermon. One of which is the ways of man in the society especially with his relationship with his fellow man. Another is the oppression of the poor by the rich in the society. The third would be the selfishness of the leaders of today.
Man’s relationship with other men in the society today has strained to the point where each man lacks little or no respect for his fellow man. The time when communism was the back bone of every society has completely eroded the face of the earth. Today, every man strives to be somebody in the society irrespective of whose toes he has to step on to become that person or whose blood he has to spill. Just like states in the international system, men have no permanent friends but rather permanent interests that drive their very existence.
In the same vein, man empowered with wealth seems to forget his past so quick that he treads on the poor in the society. Rather than seek to enrich the poor, he would rather take the little they have to add to his estates. The resources meant for them, he seeks to ensure that they have absolutely no access to it. Just like Ahab in the Bible who was a king in charge of many lands but yet lusted after the plot of land of Naboth. His lust made him refuse his food which caught the attention of his wife Jezebel and she ordered the death of Naboth. 
Same goes with King David who apparently forgot that he was once an insignificant member of his family and thus he was not recognised in the society. He was chosen and called out of the many significant and important people and made king. At a point, he began to do evil and oppress the people under his jurisdiction.
Closely related to the oppression of the poor by the rich is the very common and most pathetic one in our society today which is the selfishness of our leaders. Gone are the days especially in this part of the world where leaders stick out their heads to protect the sovereignty of their nation and the welfare of the people who they rule. The Nigerian national anthem, for instance, calls us to ensure that the labour of our fallen heroes are not in vain, but yet, only a few still hold this dear to their heart and seek to make a change. Some leaders of today are simply after amassing enough wealth for themselves and their generations unborn. The welfare of the very people, who blindly put them in power, legally or not, is not even put into cognisance.
It is time to reflect on our ways, thoughts and actions. It is time to call to heart all that we do and allow our conscience come alive again. It is time to produce change, positive change. As I pondered on these things yesterday, I came to the following conclusions:
1. I strive to be a diplomat with a difference irrespective of what the general opinion of the people may be.
2. I am a leader chosen among many and thus, I do not intend to misuse the opportunity given to me.
3. I am called to rule with fairness being aware and conscious of the people who I have been called to rule.
4. I set out to make a change not minding the norm as long as the change affects the lives of the people positively.
5. As a leader, I would serve the people for they put me there out of trust to oversee their affairs.
Having read my reflection, do share your thought with me through your comments and have this at the back of your mind as we continue with our activities this week. Also share with someone, a friend or colleague.


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