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Reflections: What To Do When You Are Rejected In A Place

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Many times we have been faced with one form of rejection or the other in various aspects of our lives. Dealing with the rejection can be very difficult and mind shattering. How we deal with it and get over the heart break is entirely based on one action, ‘move on’.

Preaching at mass yesterday, the priest kept saying these words repeatedly, ‘move on’. As he spoke, I caught the word and I knew that I had to share it with you because someone out there may need to learn from it. The word of God was very clear in saying that when you are rejected in a place, dust your sandals and move on to another territory. It did not say we should start quarreling, insisting that we get accepted, dampen our spirits and begin to sulk about it or completely give up.

As I read the February edition of the tw magazine, a lady called Linda was motivated to join the fitness challenge because she wanted to get back at her boyfriend whom I presume left her. She may not have gotten over the heart break but working hard to stay in shape and love her body is a step towards moving on. It could be at the office where your boss continually condemns every act that you do calling on your resignation. Don’t feel bad! Check yourself and be sure that you are not on the wrong track. If you have made efforts to do things right, just see past the condemnation, put on smiles and move on.

The key to being happy irrespective of the rejection is knowing who you really are, loving every bit of yourself and doing what is right at all times.

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