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Reflections: Who Can Crack A Kernel With An Egg?

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A kernel is the hard small nut and definitely way harder than an egg. Anyone who can successfully use an egg to crack the kernel must be a genius of some sort.

I am yet to see such a human who can do this but I am certain of one man who can….. He is the the one who makes the impossible possible. He is the creator of the heavens and the earth, He is our God and Lord.

The mystery behind this is that, you need to put all your faith in the one who can actually use an egg to break a kernel. If he can, there is about nothing that He cannot do.

As we start a new working week, put this at the back of your mind and know that He can do all things.

Have a blessed week ahead! Don’t keep to yourself, plus one it on google plus and also share with your networks. There may be someone who needs to read this post.

With love,

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