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“I am so excited to start a new working week”, said nobody ever… *lol*
I have never really been a fan of having to step out of the house so early to get to work but ironically, i have never had a job that I didn’t have to leave the house between 5am and 6am if I am to make my resumption time. Maybe sometime later in the year, I can share my typical day with you.
Today, I woke up and headed for the Monday Anointing mass for workers and while I was there, I gave God so many thanks for making it possible for me to get dressed in my lovely grey suit and head out to an office. I realise that a lot of people are probably still in bed not because they are lounging but because, they have no work to go to. At the last count that I read, about or over 40million graduates are unemployed but if you have a job, you are not part of that number.
Be appreciative about where you are even when things are not as great as you wish they were. I am not asking you to accept slavery just because you want to be gainfully employed but, still give God thanks and let him know that you are not comfortable with where you are but you do hope for something better.
I wish you all a blessed and beautiful working week. If you are having any challenge settling in today and wish to talk, send me an email or leave a comment and we can talk through the day.
With love,

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