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ATTN Tailors: Registration for STailors Project is still on!

Good news fam! Registration for STailors is still on. This is your opportunity to join the pool of tailors who have already entered for the project and stand the chance of being selected to work with not just me but also a few influencers who we may be working with on this project.

STailors was first launched in June. I started the project to source emerging tailors in the fashion industry. Tailors who are skilled but do not have an online presence or when they do, it is not strong enough. From my interaction with a few of them, they would like to increase their visibility online but do not know the right digital marketing practices. For some, they lack the resources to hire a social media handler or a digital marketer who could do the justice of improving their brand online. They are gifted in tailoring but content creation, curation and publishing is not their strong point. This is one of the benefits that you stand to gain should you be selected as a STailor.

We have also gotten enquiries as to why tailors and not enterpreneurs in general. I chose to focus on the tailors because of my love for prints and my work with a leading producer of textile in Europe, Veba. Veba has been in existence for over 150 years and their designs are beautifully woven to bring out the creativity in any fashion designer. There is a plethora of designs that you can use to make your work stand out. The good thing is, if you would like to create a Ready To Wear collection, you could have the company produce a design exclusively for you or you could choose from the lots of designs which they already have in their factory.

Being selected for the STailors project means you will get;

  • Access to relevant tools for enhancing your skills.
  • Free Digital Media management for a minimum of month with the possibility of being extended.
  • Free advert placement on SoTectonic for one month.
  • Free VEBA fabrics to design the samples for a new RTW collection
  • Free product photography lessons

The project is open to tailors who are between the ages of 18 and 30, living in Lagos State. If you meet this criteria, kindly click the link below to fill the form:

No hidden terms and conditions but if shortlisted, be ready to pitch and discuss possible design options. Entries will shut down finally by midnight on the 30th of September, 2018.


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