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Review Friday: Sofy Ultra-thin Non-Woven Pads

Sometimes, trying something new gives you a different perspective to life and having choices is a good thing especially in the market. It keeps the brands at alert and boosts healthy competition so that brands do not slack in giving their consumers the best.

A few days back from my ‘working vacation’, my colleague gave me the Sofy pad and in my mind I was almost sure I would never use it because I have a brand that I patronize and as a matter of fact, I had just gotten a large amount of it in 2 different varieties. However, she gave me some to add to my gift items for my anniversary giveaway and since I cannot give you a product that I am not so certain about, I decided to use it and I am glad that I did.

The Sofy pad comes in three varieties- The Day, The Night and The Day and Night. They are denoted by pink, purple and blue respectively. The Day is 24cm, the Night is 33cm and the Day and Night is 28cm.

 I love the packaging of this product. The colours are so attractive that a colleague thought it was biscuit when she first saw it.I also like the inside color wrap- all white (that is my best color) with a stain of whatever color the pack is as the sealing for the pad.

My best of them all would have been The Night pad because of its length but then, you can not use it with certain kind of pants. Also, it has the tendency to puff out at the back when you put on a really tight trouser, gown or skirt. A colleague was of the opinion that the wings were wrongly placed but that was about the only one she could use. I am guessing because she has heavy flow. So, I will not advice that you try using this in the morning hours. Stick to using it only at night except you have the right pant for it and intend to put on a free outfit.

The most ideal is the Day and Night. Very comfortable and you won’t get stained. So, it takes care of the need to wear whatever outfit you like while worrying less about getting stained.

For those who do not want it to show at all, you may want to use the Day but I cannot quite guarantee that if you are one whose period slips to the rear that you won’t get stained. However, I never got stained when I used it.Surprising though as I did get stained when I used one of the a famous brand’s pad which I bought from the States (though it had no wings).
You can purchase the pads at the following stores for  180 Naira

·         Oasis Supermarket, OPIC Plaza, Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way
·         F. C. Glory Store, No. 5 Dada Iyalode Street Ojuwoye, Mushin Market
·         Papa Jude Store  No. 16, Dada Iyalode Street, Ojuwoye, Mushin Market
·         Ify store No 4. Mumuni Street, Ojuwoye, Mushin Market.
·         No 5, Aka Mo Close, off Karimulaka Street, Egbeda
·         14, Tommy Williams C.A.C Junction, Abuludu, Idimu

·         Divine or ND, A1 Shop 5 Wuse Market
·         Chilota Shop, 11 Shatu Mohamd, Garki Market
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Editor’s note: My high point of the pad is that it soaks well. I don’t like how some sanitary pads leave the surface of the pad messy. I am currently using it again and I am perfectly okay with it! If you would like for me to do a comparison with another pad, kindly let me know and I can do that based on popular demand. 

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